You Mean What You Say


You say something you shouldn't have. You know it was a mistake--but mistakes are hard to confess too. Defense mode is enabled. "I don't mean it!"

"I wasn't thinking!"

"I was just upset!"

These are all excuses for ones' own mistake in speech.

I believe that no matter what you say, you always mean it.

Words are manifested from thoughts and feelings in the heart, whether you were conscious of them or not. Therefore if you say something, it was once felt or thought.

Speech is more than saying something; it is about how you say something.

In times of heated emotions, things are said that you regret; however, in retrospect the regret comes from how something was said. Apologize in the manner something was brought about. No conversation is productive when it turns into an argument. Trying to think before you speak will be useful trying to keep yourself from saying something regrettable. If this 'trick' doesn't work for you, taking a break from the conversation will help you gather your thoughts and how you would like to present your thoughts.

Thankfully, it's okay. No one is perfect. We work towards being better every day.

Own up to what you say,

Have an Honest Day,