Writing Through The Storm


When I gaze upon the outside world, I am surprised to see the darkness of an upcoming storm. The sound of rolling thunder penetrates through the walls of the house and heeds to my ears--the storm has arrived. As I begun to sit under a covered patio, heavy winds gust through the falling rain, bringing a light mist upon me. The once light fall of rain has been transformed into heavy sheets of falling water. Leaves on the trees are forcefully moved to-and-fro, along with the appendages which attach them.  Long, uncut grass moves melodically with the winds.


The rain deposits down quickly enough to make the sewage systems flood. This creates the road into one scrawny pool. The winds work against the pool of water on the road, making the water rise up and beam towards structures.


The ferocity of the storm continually decreases to the point of being deceased. The clouds become quiet in their recent downfall, creating a tranquil feel over the earth. The rustling of trees is quieted, the dancing of grass is silenced, and the sound of rain has vanished. The only sounds left are the songs of the birds, the hums of crickets, and the occasional drip of water.

Everything is calm; everything is calm.


I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing, I know I had a blast writing through the storm.

Have a nice rest of your day,