Winter Adventures: Minnehaha Falls, MN

I went off on an adventure exploring Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota. Being an adventurous spirit, I went off the trail and ventured down closer to the waterfall. Experience the frozen Minnehaha Falls with me through photography.

I don't know if the risk of exploring other places is the same as this waterfall in winter. This waterfall is dangerous and the risk of exploration is real.

The "danger keep out" sign is there for a reason. Having ice and water under your feet at the same makes sure footing hard to obtain. The temperature of the water is freezing--aka hypothermia stricken if you fall into it.

But then again, to experience all of life's joys, when do they ever come from following the rules?

When I was visiting Minnehaha Falls there were a few people who were directly behind the falling water. Watching a man come feet away from touching the water, his feet slipped. Thankfully, he caught himself and traveled farther away from the free flowing water. He definitely isn't going to forget that.

If you ever go against the safety, then do so with the danger still in your mind. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. It's all up to you to have good judgement and still make memories.

Have you ever seen a  waterfall frozen or not? What was the experience like? Did you disregard any signs while exploring? Tell me in the comments!

I had a wonderful time exploring the falls. I hope with whichever season you are in now that you are able to go out and enjoy  the seasons--however that may be.