Why New Year Resolutions Fail


With the year of 2016 around the corner, many of us opt in to make new year resolutions. Approximately 50% of the population chooses to do this according to a study by John Norcross ( www.psychologytoday.com ). However, a recurring theme of new year resolutions is failure to meet the goals.

There are a few specific reasons for failure: 

  1. An unrealistic self perception
  2. Perceived greater values than real values--also known as the cause and effect relationship. Simplified, this is when you believe reaching a goal will have a greater impact on your whole life than it actually does. When you begin to see that reaching that specific goal doesn't have the effect you desired, you become discouraged; everyone knows that when discouraged we tend to abandon the thing we were discouraged by.  (ie. Losing 10 pounds will change your whole life and when it doesn't you go back to old eating and fitness routines.)
  3. Wrong use of motivation: using guilt or fear to motivate you to obtain your goal.

So now you know why resolutions fail, but then what should you do to be successful?


  1. Don't wait till New Year's eve to make resolutions
  2. Make realistic, specific goals with different measures of success
  3. Create timeline and stick to it
  4. Celebrate your success between milestones
  5. Have an accountability buddy, someone you can work with or check into to achieve your goal
  6. Have more than one resolution, which increases success rate.

What New Years resolutions do you have?