Why I'm Going to College at 16


I am a high school junior, but this year I will also be a college freshman. This upcoming semester at school, I will be no longer attending the traditional high school. Instead, I will be attending Normandale Community College. I am apart of the lucky portion of students who will be taking advantage of Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO). In PSEO, if your grades are high enough, you are able to apply to college and take care of your high school and college credits at the same time. The best part? The state covers the cost of classes and textbooks. AKA, to me, it's free.

In your mind you're probably thinking that just for the fact it's free college that's why I am doing it, but in actuality there is more behind it. As preface, I didn't hate high school. I got along with the majority of people there. I took honors classes and aced them.

My high school really wasn't that good though. Just in the past year, we had three school fires--set off by students. There was constant fights that made quite a few students turn into animals and stampede to the fight, even if they had to run over students on the way. Basically, the school was not the best. I know that all high schools have these problems, but I was just fed up with all of it. This is also isn't my first time complaining about the school; I wrote about the drama on the first day of school.

In the beginning of sophomore year, I couldn't wait to be a junior and to leave the crazy school and crazy people. By the end of sophomore year, I was staying at the crazy school because I had some really good friends. Most of the friends, who I was staying for, chose to go to college for junior year. If I was mainly staying back for friends, and they were no longer going to be there, then why stay at the crazy school? Having many of my friends go off to college made me realize I wasn't staying for the academics, which is the most important piece of the puzzle. I decided I was also going to attend college junior year.

I needed more challenging classes and mature people around me. Going to college was the clear choice for me. I mean, I always wanted to. For all of my friends who are still at the high school, real friendships will withstand being at different schools. People who want to stay in touch will. This comfort helped me make the right decision for me.

I am excited to be on this new college path. I get the responsibility and freedom that high school doesn't offer; however the small sliver of anxiety I have about this new path, I am excited to see how everything works out.

Wish me Luck in my New Adventure,