What This Painting Secretly Means

tree painting
tree painting

A painting, as with any other type of artwork, has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. Not to long ago, I completed a new painting--one which I am very proud to have completed and share with you. I'd say  in total the painting took around 7 hours to complete; however, keep in mind that it was spread out over a period of months.

The cherry blossom tree represents ones' soul and liveliness. Cherry blossom trees usually have bright and positive colors; however, if you look closely at this tree, the pinks of happiness are being overcome with grey. Grey represents the darkness that can flood through ones heart.

The blue that surrounds the tree exemplifies the sky, and more specifically, the world.

The black "blobs" on the ends are weights. As you can tell, one weight is larger than the other. The weights have become so heavy on the tree of life that it had become imbalanced--letting the grey from the soul of the tree out into the world. The grey of the soul has began to mix with the blue of the world.

One of the main messages of the painting:

One of the main meanings of the painting is actually response to this quote I saw:

"I keep it all inside because I'd rather the pain destroy me than everyone else."

When you keep it all inside for too long, it will become very overwhelming. At that point where the weights are so heavy they are about to break, the pain will come out. And eventually you will feel better, the lightness of blue becomes the newest version of the past grey.

What emotions does this painting make you experience?

With love,

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