Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago


I have already shown you all of Chicago's food, but I have not shown you some of the sites I visited while in Chicago--specifically, The Art Institute of Chicago. I love art, so visiting an art museum was a must on my to-do list for my trip. The outside of the building was almost as spectacular as it's contents.

All of the photography of artwork is credited to the artist and is no way owned by the photographer.

The miniature gallery was the first exhibit to be seen. Just look at these delicate, intricate pieces of furniture in each room!

Alongside the miniatures, was digital photography by various artists. In the section held many deep, thoughtful pictures.

Close by both of the previous exhibits was a glass exhibit. I only took a picture of one of the coolest, in my opinion, glass pieces.

Another breathtaking exhibit was the New Contemporary exhibition. This one was definitely my favorite. I really enjoy modern contemporary artwork because I feel like it is a puzzle. The artist has an ingrained message that is just a little harder to figure out--and is different for everyone.

These exhibits where some of my favorite, the photos shown are just a few pieces from each exhibit. Obviously, I won't be sharing every single photo of the exhibit pieces. If you're interested in more off these pieces, don't forget that they are at The Art Institute of Chicago.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak inside the Art Institute of Chicago. I know I loved it inside.

Stay Intrigued,

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