Valentines Day Is More Than 1 Day A Year

Happy Valentines Day everybody! Today we celebrate our loved ones, and I have a few thoughts about it. Valentines is a singular day where you show someone that you care for them right?

But why wait for a specific day to show someone that you care for them?

You should treat significant other with love constantly--truly showing them your love.

Valentines day is a social construct saying "you must have an elaborate date and perfect evening with chocolates and flowers". If everyone celebrating Valentines Day relatively the same way, then how is it so special?

The special part is showing your love by having elaborate dates more than this one day a year. Doing little things for them show that you care--do them more than just Valentines Day. The little things throughout life are important and you will only recognize them if you pay attention.

Here are a few little things in life to pay attention for:

  • Giving you the last bite
  • Tying your shoes for you
  • Caring you to bed because you fell asleep
  • Opening the door for you
  • A genuine "thank you"
  • Good morning/Good night texts
  • Long hugs
  • The list is endless so always pay attention

My point is, show and treat your significant other with love more than this one day. Plan something nice for them, maybe show that someone you care by little things. There is more than one way to show someone that you love them.

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