Thought Provoking Thursday #7


"People come into your life for two main purposes: to teach you a lesson or for you teach them one,"


In the past few weeks, I heard a really good quote; it made me think. The relationships we are able to cultivate with others are beneficial to our growth as people. Every interaction we are a part of can grow not only your mind but others as well.

I think the "lessons" talked about in the quote is a synonym for personal development. One personal lesson I share with this quote has to do with relationships. Many, I believe, can relate to an experience similar to mine: relationship gone bad. Through  breakups, there are a lot of lessons that the people involved learn. Something I always try and keep in my mind whilst going about life is, "What can I take away from this moment?"

Thinking like this increases self-awareness and also allows you to forgive-and-forget easier because you had the opportunity to learn from it. Also by doing this, we complete the second part of the quote, "...for you teach them one."  In being a person who learns from life, you can instill your own wisdom upon others.

I also believe the second part of the quote exemplifies the ideas of being yourself. Confidently being yourself shows other people your values in life, and in this makes them think. Lastly, be yourself and don't be afraid to learn from life. Isn't life just a long time frame of learning anyways?

Stay Keen,