Thought-Provoking Thursday #4


"Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings."

I've got to admit, this is quote I use a lot in my life--like a lot. From using it in my life, I also share it with friends; I also know from communication that this quote has also helped them in multiple occasions.

This quote is applicable in all times and situations. I use it when conflict comes up with a significant other; I use it when a workout is so hard I want to quit a sport; I use it when I have the worst day ever; I use it when I am discouraged. 

I have never been disappointed by waiting to make a decision. When all the emotions are flooding through my system, judgement is impaired. I am not in the right mind to make a well informed decision that could possibly effect a large portion of my life.

This is a beneficial thing to ponder in your life,

I hope this quote produces positive fruits for you,