The Unknown Meaning of YOLO

Have you ever heard of the word "YOLO"? Well, if you have not, YOLO is a newer word that the youth are saying. The word is an acronym meaning, "You only live once". This can be a very controversial word because the majority of its users us the word as an excuse to have unwise actions.

There are actually two meanings for the word YOLO that will really make you think:

  1. "YOLO" means you can do what you want; the consequences won't matter because you feel the need to make many crazy memories. So go do something stupid! YOLO!
  2. "YOLO" means that you only have one life. You need to cherish the life you were given. Cherishing can take many forms from not partaking in dangerous acts to self-care over self-destruction. This meaning conveys more self-love; this is the unknown meaning of YOLO.

YOLO is more than a word. YOLO is a word that reflects the way you live. You can either live filling out dangerous acts or by caring for your own well-being. Even with these two extremes, there can still be a content middle option: taking fewer risks with safety and good judgement in mind. I talked a bit more taking risks and making memories in my winter adventures post:

"If you ever go against the safety, then do so with the danger still in your mind. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. It’s all up to you to have good judgement and still make memories."

Do you believe there can be another meaning of YOLO?

What do you think about this controversial word?

With much love,