The Rapid Chase

//Disclaimer: this is a dream retelling//Let's begin the story:

Ice hockey practice had just ended on the brisk Sunday evening. As I take my time undressing the gear, a wave of tired hit me. I lift my equipment bag up and onto its resting spot on my shoulder. Bag on shoulder and stick in hand,  I stride out of the locker room.  Due to the lack of energy, I was the last person out of the locker room by a large amount of time.


After I take my first step out and into the arena, I immediately spot a man dressed in completely black clothing not too far off. The man also seemed to have his right hand in his black, leather jacket. Suspicious, I began to walk as fast as I could with this hockey bag on my shoulder. Noticing out of the corner of my eye the man's quickened pace along with mine, I assume the worst. I drop everything and sprint towards the exit doors.

The only change of the man's actions is his followed footsteps and pace approaching me. "That's quite peculiar, he still has his right hand placed in his pocket as earlier," I think to myself.

His hand creeps out from inside the pocket and is equipped with a pistol. Pistol in hand, he continues to chase me.

In a sprout of memory, I recollect a hotel that is not to far off from here. I begin to run in the direction of the hotel. I push my legs to run faster.

"I'm loosing him," I say breathlessly to myself.

I continue to run until I push the glass door with all my might. Just as I run into the building, the elevator doors open.

"Perfect timing."

A business woman walks out from the elevator, and I push her as I go in. I press a random floor button. Hurriedly, I press the "close door" button multiple times as I see the man coming.

"Faster!" I think. "Why can't this thing go faster?"

The man cuts to a halt; he steadies his arm. Gun ready, he chooses a pace thats steady enough for a precise shot. He begins to shoot. Instinctively, I jump over to the corner of the elevator. The shots begin hitting the inside of the elevator, right where I used to be. The door is just about to close when one last bullet goes through. It hits the back of the elevator, closer to where I am now.

The door closes fully, and I am safe for a quick second.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing,

And have a great rest of your day,