The Oldest Tree in the World

Have you ever wondered what the oldest tree looks like?

I have.

I was biking when I remembered a story a friend told me. Here's how it went: a flourished green pine tree forest stretched for a good distance. All the trees were densely packed together; the width of the forest spanning afar in the distance. A very memorable forest for any passerby.

Three years later when she drove past this same forest, it was completely different. The trees she knew to be lively, were just stumps. All the trees were gone.

This made me think of how much we, as a society, cut down so many trees--either for construction or entertainment. How could any tree survive more than a few hundred years?

The oldest tree in the world was discovered in 2008 located in Fulufjället Mountain of the Dalarna province in Sweden. Named Old Tjikko, the old spruce tree is 9,550 years-old.


I know, it sounds unbelievable; but believe it. The tree was tested via Carbon-14 Dating and was confirmed to be nearly 10,000 years old.

This one tree is making scientists rethink everything they once knew. Because Old Tjikko could live through the ice age, scientists are now thinking that the ice sheet was thinner than originally believed. To add that, since the tree existed in the ice age, it means the tree did not originate from the east. This is a contradicting fact to what is taught in schools; textbooks would have to be rewritten.

Fun Fact: A spruce tree can live up to 600 years. When the tree’s root system or trunk dies, a new root system emerges from the same system--making a clone. The tree can live for a longtime.

Want more information about the oldest tree in the world? Check out these websites. They’re very helpful articles that also made this post possible:  and with picture credit being Leif Kullman

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Have you ever wondered about the oldest tree in the world?

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