The First Day of School Drama

Yesterday I started my first day of sophomore year. My high school has recently undergone some major reconstruction to the existing building. The school district did this so that the 9th graders would be on campus and not at junior high's. As I said, yesterday was the first day of school, and construction was still not done. Many other wings of the building--along with another gym and cafeteria space--were still blocked off for us students. All of our classes in the restricted areas had to be moved to temporary classrooms.

I don't mind being in temporary classrooms, you know? What does bother me is having no air conditioning and crowded hallways. I was drenched in sweat all day from just sitting inside the building.


Not only the dreadful heat, but the hallways were terrible. It was body against body, and you could not move. 

It literally blows my mind how crowded the hallways are. Anyways, I just wanted to share this tidbit with you all because of how crazy it has been at school.

I hope that with the finishing of construction, all of this will get better.

Have a great rest of your day,