The BEST 4th of July Sales for Thrifty Fashionistas

Do you get excited for holidays because you know that there will be amazing deals? I know that I do! Fashion is so fun to participate in. It's just that sometimes shopping can get expensive. If you love to find good deals--maybe even thrift shop like me--then you will love these deals. Why not look cute and not break the bank, right? 

 Obviously, holidays are about more than just shopping sales, but it is for sure a cool quality. 

Black heels and straw circle bags are some of the newest and coolest accessories to add to a Millennial's closet. It only gets better since they were both under $15 thrifted!


Be prepared for this 4th of July by planning for these sales:


1. Savers

50% everything (excluding jewelry) only on July 4

If you thought that Savers had some amazing pricing before then you'll definitely want to stop by this 4th of July. 

I had the amazing opportunity to shop this sale early Sunday before the 4th of July. All sales at Savers that happen during the week are also available the Sunday beforehand. 

During my shopping trip, I found a Fossil purse for $7 (which means I got it for $3.50 with the sale!). I also found some fake gold jewelry for inexpensive to accessorize (pictured in photo). 

2. Goodwill

50% off Donated Merchandise

20% off New Goods (usually Red Tags) July 4th only

On a recent shopping trip to Goodwill, I found lots of trendy, stylish, and new items. If you usually think that the Goodwill is an overpriced thrift shop, then shopping on the 4th of July will help that. They get lots of donated items from places like Target, so if you're looking for new items (red tags) they will be marked down! 

3. Kohl's

100s of Epic Sales (Ends July 4) 

Although Kohl's does not specify their sale, countless items are discounted from regular pricing. And if you've ever shopped at Kohl's before, then you'd know that there are always ways to find more and more discounts (and stack up Khols Cash!). 

Personally, I love to shop at Kohl's. I love to find their discounted items as well as shop in the sale section (as many coupons include sale items). I usually can get out of there saving just as much money as I do in spending on something.  


I hope that you enjoy your 4th of July for more than just shopping. But at the same time, I hope you find the best deals and find gems. 

Are you going to check out any of these sales?