Thanksgiving Statistics

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So you have a Thanksgiving dinner later tonight, and you need some fun facts to share with your loved ones. Well you came to the right place! I believe that statistics about this holiday quite interesting and called for.

39,000,000 people will travel for Thanksgiving.

248,000,000 Turkeys raised in the United States per year.

88% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

$56.18 is the average amount of money a family spends on Thanksgiving dinner.

37 places in America are named Plymouth.

$2,875,000,000 is the total United States spending on Thanksgiving food.

Thanksgiving places 2nd on America's favorite holiday list.

79% of Americans say that the best part of hosting Thanksgiving is having a fridge full of leftovers.

Go back to that first statistic: 39,000,000 people will travel for Thanksgiving. That is a lot of families, friends, and loved ones traveling to be together. If you are one of the people who do travel, good for you. Take the initiative to be with your loved ones on this special holiday.

Positive Memories Will Last You in the Longest Time,

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with Your Loved Ones,

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