Story Time: Yelling at Drivers

Yes I was yelling at drivers, but it was for their benefit.Let me explain…

One day when my mom and I were coming home from someplace (I can’t remember where, but maybe Walmart). We took the freeway home. There was a black convertible driving in the lane to the right of us. The lady driving had her cell phone out and placed in the center of her steering wheel. She was texting while driving on a freeway--that’s dangerous!

Being who I am, I yelled out my window, “‘Stop texting and driving!’” when we were parallel with her car. She heard me and  didn’t like being caught red handed, judging by the look on her face. It was a look of embarrassment and annoyance; on the bright side, she did stop texting.

Just after this happened, I was more observant of other people while we were driving home. Something I noticed: there are a lot of people texting while driving.


So I made a plan; I was going to make a sign. A sign saying something along the lines of “stop texting because you’re going to kill someone”; but in a nicer way, of course. Two days later, I made the sign. The final product was going to be kept in my mom’s vehicle for the drivers who needed a look at it.

Not too long later, I did in fact have to use the sign.

My mom and I were driving for a mile or so, and this lady--let’s call her Phoebe--was in the lane next to us. For this whole mile she was preoccupied on her phone; maybe looking up for a quick second here and there. Noticing this off the bat, my mom and I got the sign ready.

Her car was driving to the left of ours (my mom’s side); so when both of our cars stopped for a red light, I handed the sign to my mom. Phoebe was already using her phone again when my mom stuck her whole arm out the window with the sign in hand. Phoebe didn’t look up. Now my mom had her whole arm out the window and waving the sign at Phoebe. Not only this, but we were also making noise, yelling “hello?”; “stop texting”; “look up”; “hey! There’s a million dollars in front of you, you going to take it?”. Okay...maybe not the last one...but you get the idea.

After a long time of waving the sign, we were both flustered and laughing. Phoebe was too caught up on her phone to even notice a sign being waved at her. All the cars around us noticed the sign and knew exactly what was going on and who the sign was for. Phoebe never did know there was a sign.

Phoebe and the black-convertible lady, along with many others, need to remember that their phones can wait. If you don’t text and drive, give yourself a pat on the back and keep it up. You don’t want to be responsible for killing and/or injuring someone because YOU weren't paying attention to the road. Same with drinking and driving. Never drink and drive for that same reason and many more (ie. invalid license, fees, and possible jail time).

I thought this story was pretty funny and interesting that would be beneficial to share with everyone else. Some fun stories to go with a serious topic.

Let me know any stories of your own about some people you’ve seen on the road. Comment all of them below! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Have a great rest of your day,