Story Time: Singing in Public

To begin, I need to confess that I sing in the shower. I don't really care if anyone else is listening. If I want to sing, I will sing. I don't care if I'm in the shower, or in public, or in a public shower; I will sing.My family and I went camping over the 4th of July weekend. Camping equals being covered in dirt and also in bug spray; so like a civilized human being, I wanted to take a shower. I grabbed my stuff and took off to the shower house with my mom.


The campgrounds restroom house was very nice and very clean. They even had private showers!

I took my stuff into the shower room that I chose, turned on some music and started to take a shower.

I was singing and showering; and I guess there were people outside the shower house waiting to use it. I was just finishing when someone knocks on the door; it was my mom. "Stop singing and hurry up. There's people waiting."

I hurried up and walked out; no one was waiting outside. As were walking to the restroom part of the building, I asked my mom why no one was waiting. She replied with, “You were taking so long other showers opened up.”

Once we reach the restrooms to brush our teeth, my mom begins to talk to another lady in there. “Yeah she finally got out,” “Haha that’s good,” the lady replies back. Then she turns to me and says jokingly, “You going to sing in here for us?” I joke around saying, “Yeah totally. We can use some accapella up in here.”

Well, I guess singing in public showers can lead to funny, and can be, embarrassing things. But here’s what I was thinking, “I'm not going to see these people for the rest of my life, so lets sing loud and proud!”

I hope this little story was entertaining and if you have anything else you'd like to add or say, comment it below. I'd love to hear all of your voices!


Have a nice rest of your day!