Origins of 2 Common Superstitions


Have you ever wondered how superstitions came to be? What about the history of current superstitions?Superstitions came to be centuries ago when our ancestors tried to understand the world. With the knowledge of the time, a person would draw conclusions and explanations for the things around him or her. Superstitions are simply conclusions drawn from observations.

Most people know that the number 13 and walking pasta black cat is bad luck; but have you ever stopped to ask why? Keep reading to understand why!

The Number 13

Throughout history, number 12 was seen as a “perfect” number--12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, two 12 hour parts to a day. Therefore the number 13 was lacking compared to number 12.  In historical events two events happened involving number 13; the first event including the Bible. Judas Iscariot, Jesus 13th apostle, happens to be the one who betrays Jesus.

The other reason the number 13 is considered bad luck is because of mythology. In mythology, it Norse is the 13th to a dinner party in Valhalla, upsetting the 12 gods already in attendance. This is believed to be initiate a world of turmoil and evil, giving the number 13 a bad reputation.

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Black cat hunting something down in the grass

Walking Past a Black Cat

Cats, depending on your time era, can either be pleasant or evil. During the time of the Egyptians, the people compared cats to witches do to similar characteristics. The people believed this because black cats can sneak around in the dark unwitnessed and silently due to their agile bodies. Cats are also sneaky and clever, making them even more mysterious.

A contrary story is in some countries black cats are considered good luck. In Scotland, for example, if a random cat shows up at your back door then it's considered a positive omen.


A thing to keep in mind is that superstitions are just superstitions: not proven reality. Superstitions are simply conclusions drawn from observations; and these were the observations people made to create the superstitions we know about today.

Did you know the origin of these two superstitions?

Do you know of any other weird superstitions?