My New Look + Why


Just a few days ago, I made a decision to change it up. The change? My hair.

I have never died my hair before. Okay, I did have highlights in fifth grade, but that's it. I have always had the same-old, same-old hair.


I have been desiring to color my hair for a long while; it's something I've always wanted to try. I was always worried that I could never pull it off; that I would get the wrong kind of attention. The past few months, I became more and more fervent in wanting to try something new. The color of choice? Blonde.

With color chosen, what shall the new style be?

I had been loving bobs and full on bangs recently, even though being told they will most likely not look good on me. I believed in the comments. When I was younger I had a bob, and lets just say it was something I was hesitant to try again--even more reinforcement that it would not look good on me. The decision to want bangs grew from loving the style of them on other people.

Hair can always grow back out; therefore, with that thought in mind, I left all of my preconceived ideas behind and ran with my decision. I was going to go blonde, I was going to have a bob, and I was going to have bangs.

Seeing my new hair for the first time was so freeing of the preconceived ideas I had. I felt more like me. 

My before:


My after:

Now with more idea of the thought process of the haircut, what do you think of it?

Take chances,