My Graphic Design Gallery

I have been really interested in graphic design for about a year; it was just recently I began participating in the world of graphic design. While on my way back from a missionary trip, my friend next to me was using a program to where she could manipulate, edit, and redesign photos into pieces of art. Upon sight, I  was intrigued. I began to ask her what program she is using to make these pieces of art. Thankful for her grace, she shared it all with me. I have been using the program for the last few months now, and I am addicted.

When you look at a photo, you recognize it a face value; however, when you really look at a photo, the meaning and feelings portrayed can be very strong. The emotional meaning of photos has also made me attached to the manipulation of previous photos into new ones with a deeper meaning. You make many simple photos, into one piece of art.

Here are the pieces of art I have created thus far: 


If you would like to see any more of my digital creations, please voice it below.

Which piece was your favorite?

What connections could you make with the art?

Have a great rest of your day,