My Experience Competing Internationally in DECA


From being able to share the fantastic news of competing internationally in California this year, I now have the opportunity to share how it went. I had won a business competition through DECA where I had the ability to compete internationally in the topic, "Principles of Marketing". You can read more about the story and how I got there here: Achieving a Business Goal. I flew off to California April 26, 2017 with my fellow internationally qualified DECA members: Elizabeth, Tyrese, Zach, and Blake. Our DECA Advisors also joined us: Mrs.Malone and Mrs.Carol. Our early morning excitement only escalated until we landed in California, USA. 

Once landed, we went to a large welcome party--where there were around 16,000 people present--from different states of America to different countries of the world. The welcoming ceremony even included the artist Echo Smith playing a concert for us!

The next morning I began the first portion of competition, a cumulative 100 question test about business. I felt pretty confident in my test and proud to be in such an amazing place with so many amazing people.

As my fellow DECA members took their tests as well, many adventures happened. We tried a local burger joint--one of the best burgers I've had.

I went on a run around the city: seeing all of the beautiful nature in California. I really loved seeing all of the people outside their homes being social and all of the gorgeous, numerous flowers.

I ended my gorgeous run with some Italian ice from Joe's


Later that evening, our DECA group visited Universal Studios--the highlight of our night. The whole park was open after hours especially for the DECA competitors.

Per usual tourists, we took many pictures. Including the mandatory photo with the Universal Studios globe.

The day ended with happy hearts and sore feet. The next day began early for our role play performance in front of judges.

Similar to the day before, I had down time after I competed and my other DECA members still had to compete. I spent my relaxing day filled with many things: breakfast, pool time, and a nap.

By dinner time, I had tried my first ever In-N-Out burger.

The night not only ended with a delicious burger, but at Disney World. Our group got all set up in Downtown Disney to watch the fireworks, and then the fireworks were cancelled. The fireworks being cancelled was kind of disappointing, but in the process of finding that out we all met some Californians just a little older than us. They gave us insight on what the best beaches are and the beaches qualities.

Our plan for the last day was to attend the grand conference which would announce who made it to DECA International Finals. Sadly, and happily enough, none of us made it. We were all very proud to make it to DECA Internationals that we saw not going to finals as an opportunity. An opportunity to visit the beach that the Californians told us about. We were able to spend the last day of our competition enjoying California and its gorgeous outdoors.

Our last day was over. It was a truly sad moment when we all realized that our adventure together was over. We got to know each other better, we began to feel like family to each other.

We all wished we could've stayed longer. We woke up at 4 A.M. to get to the airport. Our airplane was delayed for hours--I guess the wish to stay longer was answered in an unsuspecting way!

Our DECA adventure was over. I hope you were able to live the experience through my words. I will never forget this trip as I put it out here for you too to read. But most importantly, for future me to read as well. This trip was unforgettable.

Live Adventurously,