My 2017 in Recap

The year of 2017 has been a year for the books in my life. This year has been the year of growth, development, and accomplishments. This year I traveled more than any other year. This year I decided to start my college career early. This year I matured my blogging skills, photography skills, and business skills. This year I started freelancing my work. Andthis year, I experienced a 2+ year relationship end. This year was more than just accomplishments, it was a year of emotional growth and maturity, which I am thankful for. This post is a lengthy one; I wrote it mainly for myself. So, let's take a trip down memory lane, together. Here is my life in 2017.

January of 2017: A New Member of the Family


A kitten was added to our home. Her name is Sushi. To this day she is still the most cuddly, spunky, humorous cat anyone could ask for. She has gotten bigger, but she is still really small. 

February 2017: The State Science Fair  + Hockey Ends

This month was the month where all my hard work on a science project paid off. For a class, I was required to do a science experiment which evidently led me to compete statewide. For those who are interested, the project was "The Effect of Mobile Phone Usage on the Amount of Phantom Vibration Syndrome Symptoms." Whew, isn't that a mouth full!


Other than the opportunity to just compete at the State Science fair, I also got to meet some of my closest friends I have today. The Science fair brought "all the nerds together across the state" and so, as nerds, we united. We all got to bond and grow closer as friends, especially since the competition was two days long. I absolutely adore all of my friends.


Hockey season goes all winter, and when it hits the end of February, the season went to a close. As the JV hockey team, we did really well. We won and tied more games than we ever lost. To be honest, we tied a lot of games, but at least they weren't losses!


March 2017: Chicago + Office Renovation + DECA National Qualifier! 

This was a busy month (haha like the rest of them aren't?). I took a trip with my mom to Chicago, Illinois. It was my first time visiting the state and oh, boy was it a fun place to be! I visited so much in Chicago, and I got to thoroughly enjoy the experience. If you're interested in reading more from my trip to Chicago, check out my post, Food of Chicago, where I digitally document all of the best things I ate in the great city. I also got to Visit the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the best art institutes in the United States. You can relive what I saw in the post.


In March I finally finished my office renovation, something I took up a month earlier. New floors were put in, walls were painted, and things got organized. As an early Birthday present, I got my dream desk: a desk 5 feet long with drawers on both sides. Thank you, IKEA. As a little sample of what the room looks like, it has become a modern, clutter-free workspace where white, brown, and yellow are the most prominent. *(A full post on the complete crazy makeover is to come in the year 2018.)*


If you read My Experience Competing Internationally in DECA, you would know the whole story of how I completed my way "up the chain" into the nationals competition. It was so surreal to even be offered that opportunity. I would recommend reading the post, its a quick, inspirational read. Long story short, I had a ticket ready to go compete in Principles of Marketing all the way in California.


April 2017: A Trip to California to Compete in DECA Nationally

Roughly a month after I find out I get to go to California, I am already there! The competition in California was 5 days long. I don't usually travel too much, but this year I did. And having the great opportunity to visit California with my friends was a blast. Yeah, we were there "for competition" but we made it a mission to be there as tourists too. We visited Universal Studios after hours with 16,000 other DECA competitors. We took a beach day, where sunbathing and swimming were a must.


May 2017: I Get My License + My Birthday

May is my birthday month, and the biggest thing from this month was turning 16--aka being old enough to get my drivers license. People usually say that turning 16 isn't "that big of a deal" but being 16 made me quote on quote "legal" for a lot of things. I could now get a good job. I could drive myself places. And these two new things I could now do opened up so much for me. It felt like my age was holding me back from so many things that I wanted to do. I never really identified with my age, so having things hold me back was frustrating.


I got to enjoy my birthday with so many supportive friends, making it amazing.


June 2017: Track Season Ended and A Missionary Trip to Michigan

Track season was a fun season. I am a thrower in Track and Field, so I throw shotput and discus. I went into the season with big goals, and I came out successful. I threw over 100 feet in the discus (that's a real good distance for those who don't know) and 3o feet in shot-put, which is good for me (but okay as an overall distance). I ended the season with a letter and some new goals for the next season.


With my church, I went on a missionary trip to Detroit, Michigan. There, we helped support another church by hosting a vacation bible school (VBS), doing work around the church and it's member's homes, canvassing, and being a light to others.


July 2017: Nature All Day Every day

The summer months were filled with work (where I worked as a hostess) and camping trips with family and friends. I was submerged in nature, and it was amazing. I love to go bike riding, exploring, and hiking (which the dogs also love!). There is more than just active things to do while camping, but other relaxing activities like laying in a hammock with a book or playing board games. I love camping because it provides a getaway filled with so many things to do.


August 2017: I Started College + Got a Haircut

The third week of August, like for most, signaled the change of time into classes. Being a junior in high school, I decided to stop attending high school and do full-time college classes. You can read about that decision, and how it works, here: Why I'm Going to College at 16. Within the first week of class, I knew I made the right decision.

Oh yeah! And this month I got a hair makeover. I went really short, with bangs, and blonde. I needed a fresh change going into this new phase of my life--college. (You may like to read: My New Look + Why)


September 2017: The State Fair + Homecoming

Not only was I focused on school this month, but I got so many fun opportunities to enjoy life outside of school. I attended the state fair, and it was a blast! I love to go to the fair every year--enjoying the food, the animals, booths, games, and concerts. The State Fair is filled with so many fun activities to fill your day with.


My junior homecoming happened this year as well! Even if my school tends to play lame music at the dance, I find homecoming as a perfect excuse to have fun with friends. We went out and took photos, ate sushi, enjoyed malts, and then attended the dance. There is no way to not have fun with these people by my side!


October 2017: Minnesota Blogger Conference + Apple Picking

I have forever been wanting to attend a blogging conference, and this year I bought my tickets on time and made it an effort to attend. I came away from the Minnesota Blogger Conference to inspired, educated on new things I would like to implement into my blog, and of course happy to have met so many other bloggers! I wrote a post on this conference that you may be interested in, MN Blogger Conference: Bloggers to Watch Out For


To finish off autumn in the best way possible, I went apple picking (+ raspberry picking!). Apple picking to me is one of my favorite fall activities, because you get to eat what you pick.


November 2017: Emotional Growth + A Room Renovation

This month, my boyfriend of over 2 years and I broke up. It was definitely a hard time, seeing what became my best friend leave my life. But, within this hard time, I got to reinvest in myself. I found the "gemstones of friends." Seeing my friendships in the hard times has truly shown me what great friends I do have. Since that time, I have been focusing on myself and what I love, my friends, and my family.


I have always been wanting to redo my room, and with a catalyst for change, I went for it. The whole process was therapeutic. My whole room renovation blog post you can check out here. You will love how it came together into a modern, minimalist room.


December 2017: Christmas + Productivity! 

I ended my first college semester this month, ending on a 4.0. During my winter break, I have been focusing on my blog (what you're reading now) and practicing my photography skills. I am finally learning how to use my camera to the best of its abilities, which is a nice feeling.


 And of course, this month was Christmas! I absolutely love Christmas, the celebration of Jesus's birth. Quality time with family around the dinner table; Christmas music in the background. On Christmas day, we had family come over for brunch. It was absolutely wonderful--the food, the company, and the warmth of the fireplace.


I hope that your 2017 was filled with ups and downs, with more ups than downs. I personally could not have had such a positive, successful year without all the people that filled the year. I want to wish everyone a positive start to their 2018. To have an even better year than the one previous.


Have a Joyful Year,