Makeup Is Your Decision


I saw makeup as a social norm--and I needed it to fit it. That was the honest way of how I thought. Last year I always wore some sort of makeup, usually mascara. I would not go out for social events without mascara on my eyes. I felt like I would be judged going makeup free and being "ugly". That mentality was completely wrong. 

I soon learned later that thinking you are ugly without makeup is so diminishing to yourself. To begin, who really cares what you look like or choose to wear on your face? People understand that there is makeup on your face to enhance your already beautiful features. Therefore if you don't want to wear makeup and show your beautiful features as they are, do it! Do it because you are beautiful the way you were born!

Nobody is going to judge you for choosing to live the way you want to live.

Nowadays,  I choose for myself whether I want to wear any makeup that day or not. I make my own decisions based on what I want--not what others want. If you think people are going to say things because your going all natural, think again.  People literally say nothing.

Wearing makeup should be your decision--not other people's.

Please never feel like you have to fit in by wearing makeup--you are naturally beautiful. You do not need make up to fit in, you need to be yourself to fit in.

How do you feel about makeup and/or fitting into social norms?

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