How Writing Impacts Life

For all of you who enjoy reading my blogs, I want to say I am sorry. I have not been writing for roughly  the past two months--I am sorry. However this post is way more than me apologizing to you. I apologize to myself for being so distant in my writing. I write for myself; and in these past few months I haven't been writing.  So much happens when you write; you reflect on life, ponder over questions, you analyze life around you, and ultimately you grow.  Growth is a necessity in life, and for me writing aids that growth. Writing brings forth a maturity.

Writing is more than simply putting words down on paper or a computer; writing is a self-discipline of creating a work that allows the work itself to impact others and yourself in the process.

This is how I see writing--a way to impact and teach others through a complex medium of writing. I also see it as a medium that, to work with it, you impact yourself.

These are just a few of my favorite writing quotes I'd like to share with you:

writing quote 4
writing quote 4

Which of these quotes were your favorite?

Have a great rest of your day,