How to Properly Wear Chokers


The 80's are infiltrating our modern-day fashion trends. With the resurfacing popularity of the choker, many opinions have been formed about them. Here is my opinion on chokers and how they should be worn. I believe certain chokers make ones' neck look larger and stockier than reality--not a flattering look. The chokers that make ones' neck look unflattering are usually chokers which rest tightly in the middle of your neck and have a simple design. Simple design chokers, to me, are ones which are a singular piece of simple material that may or may not have a charm attached. Here are picture examples of unflattering choker looks:  A lot of the time, it just look awkward to have a black (or brown if it's a leather choker) line in the middle of your neck. It makes your neck and face look more plump for reasons I explained earlier.

How to Properly Wear a Choker: 

I think in some cases, a chokers can actually look quite fashionable; however, there is a fine line between classy and trashy. I believe when the choker is lower on your neck and closer to the collarbone, it can create a flattering look. The choker should also be more complex in design--something more than a single line on your neck. (I do however believe that some lace can look good by itself.) Find a choker that has more components to it; it is usually the uncommon chokers that look the best.

Here are some pictures of chokers that fit in this criteria:


In conclusion, there are plenty of times these "rules of thumb" for chokers can be, and will be, broken. The "rules of thumb" are generalized assumptions about chokers and of the wearer. The "rules of thumb" don't apply every time.  There can definitely be times were simple design chokers, chokers that rest in the middle of your neck, and complex design chokers that can look flattering. Remember that these are just some slight "rules of thumb";  if you love to wear chokers, don't let this post hinder you from wearing chokers that you love.

How do you feel about chokers? Which design was your favorite? Have a great rest of the day,