Instagram Highlight Covers in under 10 Minutes

Do you see cool highlights on other people's Instagrams and wonder, "How in the world did they make those?" They must have taken so much time and work to create, right? Well, wrong!

You can make them on your phone in under 10 minutes.(No! I'm not kidding!) 

Instagram highlights are the easiest way to elevate your Instagram account. When someone checks out your account, their first look is your bio, and your story highlights are a part of that. People look at your highlight stories to see who you are, what you're about, and if its a "personality click." Having enough story highlights increases the chances of someone clicking with you and giving you a follow.

It is also important to have updated stories, as well as story highlights, for existing followers. You get more opportunities to connect with people at another level.

Also, Instagram highlights just look cool. It elevates your account. So, here are the easy steps to create Instagram highlight stories on your phone in under 10 minutes.

Smartphone Applications Needed:

  • Phonto

  • Safari (or any other web browser)


1. Find the background you would like to be for the highlights. I searched, "gray cement wall background" for mine. Use anything that you have for the vision. You could use a plain white background easily as well.

2. Find an icon for the highlight. Search: "___ icon png" to find the icon you would like. Suggestions for icons could be: camera, laptop, shoe, city buildings, etc. I searched "Camera icon png"

3. Open Phonto and import background image

4. Click the "add image" button on the left side and add your icon image. If not centered, tap on the image and move it to the center.

5. Export (in the bottom right corner) and save to camera roll

6. DONE!

After you're done, upload them to your Instagram story. It is the only way to get them to the story highlight function of Instagram. Then all you have to do is create your highlight stories. Press the "+" button and add photos to the highlight. Then choose the highlight cover you made and give it a title!  Here is my tip: The first stories you create will be last on the list. Use this to your advantage.If you want your highlight stories to be in a certain order, make the last ones on the list first.

This is how I created my Instagram highlight covers on my phone in less than 10 minutes. With 10 minutes, you could do anything. Why not use that time to elevate your Insta game?

I hope this helps you up your Instagram game. Isn't it great to create? I'd love to see any highlights that you make. Good luck and have fun creating your Instagram highlight covers!

Keep Creating,

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