How Sports Are Creative

Creativity can come in all shapes and forms. Many people believe creativity is limited to the "stereotypical arts"; however, creativity is present in all unsuspecting places. Sports are included in one of the unsuspecting places' of creativity. The google definition of creativity is as followed:

Creativity (n):

the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Why I believe sports can fit into the creative realm are for reasons of training and strategizing. When you train, one has to  get creative with how to make the "perfect" routine--mixing certain exercises together for your training benefit. That whole process uses creativity.

When you are coming up to a big game or match, one has to use creativity to out-smart their opponent. By using creativity to choose what kind of plays to run, you have an edge upon your opponent.

To Help You Picture This:

football plays
football plays

An example many can relate to is American football. Either think of movies you've seen or games you were able to experience. The coach tells the players what offensive or defensive plays to run. The goal is to out-smart the opponent and to catch them off guard to the team's advantage.

The example of American football is the same for other sports--from volleyball to soccer and all sports in between.

My favorite sport to play is ice hockey. I love the sport so much; there are endless amounts of plays you can learn, execute, and combine creatively. I think I love it so much due to one factor being it is an outlet to be creative physically.

What creativity is entwined in your life when you look?

Just because creativity is present in different shapes and forms does not mean is not present at all.

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