How Sad Music Can Bring Joy


Life is an emotional roller-coaster, and in the down moments, it is normal for people gravitate towards sad music. Music can ignite; yet, music can also calm. New scientific studies show that listening to sad music can actually cheer you up.  "Listening to sad songs that have no direct relevance to our lives allows us to vent sadness in a safe context with no real-life implications or consequences." says Psychology Today.

By reflecting and identifying with the lyrics of a sad song, one can empathize with the singer. He or she can also share the experiences of rejection, loss, and misfortune with the artist.

"Music-evoked imagination can encourage us to reach beyond our troubles to help others. Compassion for others can comfort us and help us find our own healing," says Psychology Today.

Researchers at Durham University and the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, found that it was not uncommon for some participants in their study to have negative experiences with the sad music. How each person reacts to music invoked feelings is different. Pleasure, comfort and pain were associated with sad music.

So go try out listening to some sad music, you never know if it will help heal. If your state of sadness only gets worse into a state of depression, seek medical help.

I hope this article was as fascinating as it was for me to learn about the topic--oh the irony!

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