How Old is a Worm?

Have you ever bought a container of earthworms to go fishing? What about keeping those same worms for 4 months after?

Well, that's what happened in my case. My family and I went camping, and my favorite thing took place: fishing. Inevitably we bought worms; sad to say that the fish weren't biting, and we left the next day with a pretty full container of worms.

When we arrived home the first thing we did was unpack. The second thing we did was to put the worms in the fridge. We thought it was a good idea--putting them back in the fridge I mean. When you buy them from a store they’re in a fridge so why not put them in a fridge again?

The worms practically got lost in our fridge and was discovered a month later. We moved the worms from the styrofoam container that they initially came in, to an old plastic container. The worms were forgotten for a second time until discovered again three months later. These worms were still alive!

The worms were still alive after a total of four months in our fridge! Made me start to wonder how long the worms would have lived if we didn't use them again to go fishing.

I found out that, depending on the breed of worm, the average life expectancy of a earthworm is 4-8 years. Crazy! However, most worms don't make it past their first year. This is due to being eaten by predators or killed some other way like on my hook while fishing.

Here is another cool fact about worms:

South African earthworms can grow fairly long--22 feet long! Longest worm ever recorded was 22 feet and found roadside in 1967.

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