From Mid-Century to Minimalist Chic: A Room Renovation

Recently, I took up a motivation to re-do my room. A space that feels like yourself is important. I needed to redefine myself, and there is no better way to start that than to change the space you live in. So I changed my space; it was hard work, but above all, it was an invigorating challenge to overcome, especially on a $200 budget. I have always loved the mid-century style, but the current state of my room was too mismatched as well as too messy to really enjoy it. Now was the time to enact the change I wanted, which was to live in a more minimalist, clean, coherent space (still with some mid-century pieces).

I started purging the room for to paint, which made it messy in the photos. I swear I'm usually tidier than in the photos! Believe me!

Now since you know what the 'before' of the room is, time to show the progress until the final progress!

My previous room was a light green color, which was the color of the room for 10+ years. It was a time for a fresh coat of paint. The paint came out to be $50 because we bought two gallons of quality paint. This process surprised me how expensive paint really is!

Can you guess the paint color?


The color is a light grey!!

My goal was to paint my room myself; to take the innate power inside myself to finish a project to the end. Starting a project can be easy, but sometimes finishing a project is the real struggle. I needed the relief of being able to paint the room start to finish. It was a process I needed to go through, and I'm glad I did. I take pride in saying that I, alone, painted the room. The dedication was put into each brush stroke.

Life Advise Taken From Painting:

One of the biggest things I learned is the process of painting a room really helps with dealing with stressors in life. It also helps if you are looking for something new start. The process of painting a room is therapeutic. Your room gets a new start--symbolism for yourself getting a fresh start. It is a process I am thankful for.


After a few days of painting (and filling the holes in the walls), I was already 1/3 of the way done with the renovations! The next step was to start to move furniture back into the room. I reused most of all the furniture I had in the room before. Now I could finally sleep in my bed again! 

As an early Christmas gift from family, I received money to help support the renovation progress. With it, I got some new pieces of furniture to freshen up my space. I had the same bedside tables since I was a little kid, and they were bulky. The room curtains were outdated and came have been in the house for the past 10 years. These two things were on the list to be replaced. It was time for a change. I got these new white, crisp bedside tables from IKEA on sale. I also got these bright yellow curtains (as well as the curtain rod, wall brackets, and finials). IKEA has so many interior design options to help a room out. With the purchase of the two main new pieces of furniture, the total costs spent was at about $137.

Here are the before and after pictures of the curtains and bedside tables:

Something I wanted to make in the room was a "zen corner". My family had a small waterfall already and I had a bamboo plant. To create this "zen corner," I was going to place these items on a floating shelf to have a designated place to remind me of peace in nature. So while I was at IKEA, I bought a white, floating shelf. I was closing up opportunities in the budget at $160 out of $200.


The last $40 of the $200 budget was spent on decor. I bought a funky throw pillow from IKEA to spice up the bed. To make ambiance in the room, I bought a salt lamp--which I learned also has many health benefits. These two pieces of decor really helped tie the room together.


With some new pieces of furniture and a fresh coat of paint, the room feels like its brand new again. For under $200, all of these renovations happened. I feel like my room is truly my room again. It is a place of peace and productivity. My room came from messy to a clean, minimalist room. Here are photos of the final look!


I thoroughly enjoyed this whole process of painting, filling holes in walls, purging my belongings, reorganizing, and shopping. What are your thoughts on the room renovation? Do you think you could drastically change your room with $200? I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Have a peaceful day,