Food Of Chicago

In my most recent trip to Chicago, I set out to find the most mouth-watering, Instagram worthy foods. If you are hungry, beware. You will want food all the more after this. You may even spontaneously book a trip to Chicago just for the food! Remember: you have been warned.


43 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

Once my mom and I had arrived in Chicago, the first meal was an authentic lunch at Eataly. Eataly is a Italian restaurant and grocer. The place itself is like, "an amusement park," for foodies as said by many people.

With the meal, Eataly provided bread and olive oil. The bread was a semolina baguette, which I didn't prefer paired with the olive oil; however, my traveling partner thought it was great.

The pizza contained fresh tomato sauce, pesto, ground sausage, and in-house made mozzarella. The taste of the pizza was not only fantastic because of the ingredients, but because it was cooked in a wood fire oven.

The pasta was their daily special, which was a spaghetti like pasta. The base was a cream garlic sauce with sautéed mushrooms and ground Italian sausage. Fresh Parmesan cheese was added to the top of the pasta as well.

Eataly was more than an Italian restaurant, but also a grocer. They had tons of cheese choices!

Tiny Tavern

600 E Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60617

Live Jazz music reeled us into this place. The venue was even more relaxing paired with the music.

"Tavern Fries" is the name of the dish. These french fries contain Truffle Oil, Mozzarella, Swiss and Parmesan cheese. It was so delectable to eat by itself or with their homemade mayonnaise.


1009 N Rush St #2, Chicago, IL 60611

Sushi is one of my favorite foods, which means we had to get some! The Jellyfish venue had a tranquil, night-life ambiance. It was definitely a place like no other.

This was my first time eating calamari; it was fantastic. It tasted so buttery and crisp, how could you not love it?

As sushi is my favorite food, my all-time favorite is salmon sushi. Getting outside of my comfort zone, I tried sea urchin as sushi. I have to say, it wasn't bad--quite good actually. Salmon is still my favorite though!

My momma and I enjoying our amazing meal!

Lou Malnati's

1120 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610

Lou Malnati's famous deep dish pizza paired with a good game of cards.

The venue of this pizza place was oh-so cozy! We got a spot with open sunshine and couches to eat and relax on. It was by far the most relaxing place to get a bite of pizza!

Bistro Voltaire

226 West Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60654

Relating to philosophers I have learned about in school, Voltaire is apart of the restaurant's name. I found this so personable. I had the honor to dine with one of the owners of the place.

This was the one place where I had tried the most new foods. My first food I tried, which I was nervous for, was escargot. After loving it, I was down to my last piece! I took a photo here for the memory.

Featured on my plate is duck, green beans, and cheesy potatoes. For eating duck for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it!

A close up of the deliciously tender duck.

In the trend of trying new foods, I continued the trend into dessert. I had never had crème brûlée; however, this night I changed that. Wow! It is something so delectable!

The owner, whom I had the honor dining with, ordered moelleux chocolat for dessert. In other terms, a molten cake combined with elements of flourless cake and a soufflé. It looked delicious! He swore by it!


832 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607

Bombobar is an up and coming desert company with amazing food combinations of dessert.

I got the Hotter Chocolate and replaced the hot chocolate with gelato. Yes, it was very sugary, but it was fantastically delicious. This concoction was topped off with a doughnut, whip cream, sprinkles, and a cake biscuit.

Grange Hall Burger Bar

844 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607

Not only does this restaurant look cozy from the outside, but they encourage farm fresh ingredients: grass-fed beef, free-range turkey, and local farm fruits and vegetables.

My farm fresh burger was topped with an over easy egg, something that I absolutely love. Waffle fries and in-house made ranch were served with my burger. It was delicious!


355 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

Not only is my favorite meal breakfast, but eggs are my favorite thing for breakfast. This restaurant's main dish is eggs. The name of the restaurant is even named Yolk! I thought the name of the restaurant was really punny.

Breakfast with my mom is my favorite thing to do in the mornings!

Eggs Benedict is what I ordered for breakfast, and it was amazing! The yolk of the egg was so juicy. The flavors of the hollandaise sauce and the Canadian bacon were a match made in heaven.

Stan's Donuts

26 E Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60605

Stan's Donuts & Coffee made an amazing gelato shake mixed in with a cake donut pieces. I do understand that I went to a doughnut shop for a shake, but how could you not?

And you can't go to a doughnut shop and not get a doughnut anyways!

Drew's on Halsted

3201 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

After attending a comedy show, a late-night bite was in store.

The late night snack was raspberry cheesecake with fresh crème! It was a perfect way to end a great night.

Not only was my trip to Chicago blessing from the activities took part in, but the food was something so great. This vacation was such a relaxing trip to take with my mom. I hope you enjoyed the food through the pictures!

What piece of food made you the most hungry?

Have a fantastic rest of your day,