Elijah's Senior Photoshoot

Elijah's senior photo shoot session was so fun because we were able to make it unique. We shot on a lake using one side's wooded areas, waters, and beach. What a cool place to shoot right?! 

A Little Bit About Elijah: 

Elijah's plan after high school is to pursue aerospace engineering. He has a passion for engineering and a passion for space. He loves to take out his telescope whenever there's a clear night to look into space--whether that be stars, the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, or Mars. Not only does he have a passion for space, but a passion for music. 

Elijah has been playing the guitar for years and loves to create his own music. Because his guitar has been a large part of his high school experience, we definitely made sure to include it in our senior photo session. 

Whenever there is something that relates a lot to your high school experience, I love to incorporate it into a shoot. In this case it was Elijah's guitar.

Take a look at Elijah's Senior Photos: 

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