Claire & Isaac: A Couples Shoot

Claire and Isaac were a complete joy to take pictures of. The happiness that was emitted from our shoot was contagious. Claire and Isaac met at their local church that they both went to. As they got to know each other, they realized that they went to the same high school without even knowing it!

That wasn't their only epiphany. Before meeting at their local church, they had been the best of friends earlier in life. Way back in life they had been the best of friends in preschool. They even told me a story of how they both went to each other's birthday parties--Claire gave Isaac a race truck and he gave her a purse. This being so long ago, they forgot about this part of their story until their relationship progressed.

I think it is so ironic and adorable how their story has become full circle. From best friends in preschool, to forgetting about each other, remeeting in church, and falling in love, their love story is truly full circle. 

I had such a blast being able to capture the love between these two people. Seeing people happy and learning their personal stories makes me so happy. 

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