Achieving A Business Goal


Something I challenged myself to do this year is DECA. DECA is a business club for high school and college students. In DECA, you can compete in many business related topics. I completed the entire year in Principles of Marketing. To compete in this event, you complete a test and role play. The test is 100 questions about your topic, whose score gets combined with a role play. A role play is an event situation that you are put in, where you have to problem solve while completing the performance indicators. An example of a role play can be viewed here. Throughout 2016 and 2017, I have been practicing and studying Principles of Marketing. A goal that I had was to do well enough that I could compete in the State competition for my event. I knew of the National competition which would take place in Anaheim, California, but I thought that goal would be too large to achieve. The competitors were very skilled, and I thought of myself as a novice in DECA.

In a more official practice session, I became more confident in my abilities by winning the award, "Top 10 Award for Scoring in the Highest Ten on the Exam". 

Competing in Districts, I took 2nd place in my event out of a multitude of people. At this level of competition, I was so joyful.

Heading off to State, I competed again. In a larger competition, I was able to make it to the Top 12 Finalists to compete again to see if I had a better chance to make it to the National Competition. I was overjoyed and a little surprised to be able to be the one of the top 12 finalists in my event out of the whole state. After competing again, I found myself being called up to the stage, in front of over 3,000 people--I had made Top 8. Once on stage, I was awarded with being 6th in the state for my event. I was oh, so pleasantly shocked.

I not only received a medal for my hard work, I had also received a plaque for my accomplishment.

My fellow DECA friends at the event not only won awards themselves, but also cheered me on. I am so blessed to have such a good support system.

DECA takes the Top 4 people in my role play, so initially I was not going to Anaheim, California, to compete. I was content with that fact--I had still made it so far at State. For Nationals, The only way you can be pulled up to go to nationals is if someone else cannot go. I had the honor to be pulled up to compete at DECA Nationals in Principles of Marketing. I could not sleep after this news hit me. I reached a goal I never thought I could reach.

I have the honor now to go compete with other DECA participants nationally. Not only that, but I get to experience California for the first time. I am so blessed for these opportunities. I guess now I just have to dream bigger--because hard work and big dreams are attainable. I never thought I would be where I am today.

No Dream Is Unattainable,