A World with Superpowers–-Flying (pt.1)

What you will be reading is the beginning of a series--a series called, "A World with Superpowers". This series is where I write about the practicality, scenarios, and daily life of a world where certain superpowers exist. You can probably list a lot of superpowers off the top of your head:  flying, mind reading, super strength, speed of light, x-ray vision, etc.


I bet just hearing those few words made you picture people like these: Marvel's superheroes, the Incredibles, or another superhero of sorts.


Let's begin to imagine a world completely different than the one we live in now. One where our crazy dreams, from when you were a kid, came true. Reading minds was real and flying places was as common as traveling by car nowadays. This new world would be totally different than what we’re used to; standards would change, judgement would be totally different, and some objects just would have never been created.

First let's define flying; the Dictonary.com definition is as follows:




  1. making flight or passing through the air; that flies :a flying insect; an unidentified flying object.
  1. floating, fluttering, waving, hanging, or moving freely in the air: flying banners; flying hair.
  1. extending through the air.

How Would Humans Fly?


When thinking of flying, all of us have different versions about what flying really would be like for humans. Would we have to flap our arms? Would our bodies just have a change in chemical balances to allow us to fly effortlessly? Think of this last option like superman and his abilities. Both scenarios could work, but for our purpose, we’re going to think of flying as the last idea. Humans would be genetically mutated and physically modified to have a different amount of gravitational force. This new force of gravity would be controlled by the mind allowing you to fly in all directions--just like superman. 

Flying as Transportation

If we all could fly, why would anyone want a car? Logical right?

But what if you wanted to transport more than yourself?

You can't hold everything while you fly; and we would still need shipments made across the world and locally. The best way to solve this problem is having new inventions made to accommodate our new flying power. Inventions can range from attachable carriages to yourself to maybe an indestructible, malleable bubble that would follow behind you using location technology. For shipments you could still use the inventions above just on a larger scale; however, this can have its drawbacks. Drawbacks like how much space an object would take up in the air. Plus, our new flying society may still have shipments by car or truck depending on what it is. 

A positive thing about society flying would mean we would save the natural resources--and money--because you don't need gasoline to fly. Maybe trucks would if our society decides to go in that direction for bulk transportation, otherwise there would be less demand for gas (cars being the number one appliance running on gas). This would also decrease the amount of exhaust from cars in the air, which leads to a decreasing amount Carbon Monoxide in our environment. So a win-win for us earthlings!

Safety Hazards of Flying

In my opinion, I don't feel like flying and safety go hand-in-hand; or at least not easily.


Flying would be harder on the government  to maintain safety. Think about it: how would the government control the flying to keep all of us safe? With cars we have roads, stop-signs, lights, and intersections; but what would we need to keep flying safe?

Well for starters, the government would have to monitor not just the ground but almost all the atmosphere above it. That by itself would be a large money investment ALL nations would have to make. The people monitoring the air need a way to contact each individual flying. A way to provide this communication is by headsets. These headsets can direct you out of harm's way but still to the destination you’d like to go. The air traffic controllers can send info to the headset, and the headset program can take care of the rest.


As you can tell, flying can be practical with the right technology; but of course, the technology would have to be created first. I hope you were able to begin imagining a world where flying exists with practicality.

How do you like the kickoff of this new series? Have you ever thought about our world where you could fly? What do you think? Would flying be safe? Practical all over the world? Or is it too crazy of an idea for you? 

Let me hear all your thoughts! Have a great rest of your day,