A Solution to All Your Shoe Problems


Does comfort rule your shoe of choice over style? What if you could have both fashionable and comfortable shoes? Would it put you over the edge to say that this shoe could also change styles to your needs? Alterre Shoes can give you all of that. Alterre is a shoe company with a innovation on their side--the ability to make shoes modular. Here is how it works: the platform of the shoe is the base, with interchangeable, customizable strap options. This innovation gives you the ability to change your shoe design to your needs! Below is a picture example of how this works.

An example of a this in action is shown below from Alterre's website:

Their newest collection, which is coming out September 2017, is based around the theme of bringing the 70's back. Bold colors and floral patterns are a must. I was invited to have early viewing access to share with you all. I have to admit, every new addition to the catalog is stunning. If you aren't in love with bold colors and patterns, fret no more--there are still shoes for you. If you like simplicity, there are shoes for that. If you love glitter and sparkle, there are shoes for that.

Price points of these shoes range from $175 to $275. It is a shoe that is an investment. Depending if comfort, customizable, and fashionable shoes are important to you, then the investment is worth it.

This investment of shoes benefits more than just your feet; it benefits women who were victims of sex-trafficking. A direct quote from Alterre is as followed: "Since we are inspired by strong women, we give 5% of our profits to Restore NYC. Restore is a non-profit organization that provides long-term rehabilitation to victims of sex-trafficking in New York,  which is one of the largest global markets for human trafficking."

If you need a shoe that will fit all of your lifestyle needs, don't forget about Alterre--a company who provides modular shoes and gives back to their own community.

This is a sponsored post in which all opinions are my own. 

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