A Doughnut Filled Art Gallery Day


More days of just appreciating the present--and the arts--are needed in everybody's lives. On a relaxing Saturday afternoon, a decision to go to an modern art gallery came to fruition. Soo Visual Arts Center is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that includes amazing modern artists. The gallery on display is called, "Untitled 13". These are just some of the artists' amazing work:

This piece by Terrence Payne was one of my favorite. The mixture of dark and light colors, along with the facial expressions of the sheep, creates a relatable piece. Not only that, but the title of the artwork, Family Was My Safe Word Until I Found Myself Alone, makes your brain think. The piece makes you feel confused, unsafe, and comforted all at the same time. Great job to Terrence Payne.

Upon a spontaneous decision, a doughnut shop was added to the day's agenda. Glam Doll Donuts was in the general area of the art gallery, and they have a variety of delicious looking doughnuts.

The venue of the shop is very well put together and relaxing as well.

I chose two different doughnuts: Mrs.Cleaver and Femme Fatle. Mrs.Cleaver is a chocolate doughnut sandwiched between cookie dough and dipped in chocolate icing. Femme Fatle is vanilla doughnut filled with a raspberry curd and vanilla icing.

The day was fantastic. The art was stunning, making you feel and think. The doughnuts were delectable--pleasing the senses. I hope you were able to live through the photographs and feel all of the things I did.

What was your favorite part: the art or the doughnuts?

Have A Fantastic Day,