7 Easy Health Hacks You Can Implement Now


When it comes down to being healthy, there are little things that happen every day. Small choices that all seem to add up to your own goals. Being "healthy" feels like it is this big, luminous thing that is unachievable. Slowly making small changes to your lifestyle can help alleviate the stress from taking on the "big, luminous thing" of trying to be healthy. This year, I made a general goal to begin to be healthier. Lot's of people believe that you have to fit all the criteria of an Instagram fitness model to call yourself healthy. Health is unique and different to every single person; you get to define what is healthy for yourself. I personally felt as if I could not call myself healthy unless I met the "certain criteria". After I accepted that I can call myself healthy, without being perfect, then I felt the most empowered about myself. You can call yourself healthy and not have to be a fitness Instagram model. Reminding myself of this is one of the most important tips I give for myself. I hope that if you have this mindset as well, that it can also help you.

Like I said, trying to be healthy can feel like a big overwhelming task. Here are my tips to make being healthier an easy task:


Carry a Water Bottle with You Where Ever You Go

This is one of the simplest "hacks" and most talked about. To be healthier is to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Of course, you need to do more than just carry the water bottle but actually drink it. Having access to water where ever you go will increase the likelihood that you will drink more water.

I will usually drink 1-2 full glasses of water with a meal because I lovewater. Well...it is also very good for your body. When I'm bored, I will take a swing of water. When I'm listening to someone talk, I will take a swing of water. Whenever there is a chance, take a swing of water. It will help you feel awake, rejuvenated, and make your insides feel better.

Don't Force Something You Don't Like

Instead of forcing yourself to eat things you don't like, force yourself to eat the fruits and veggies that you do like. This is an important step when you're trying to make healthy food choices. When you try and force something you don't like (especially in the beginningstages), you're more likely to go back to comfort food. Eat healthy food that you fo enjoy. Then, after eating more and more of your favorite fruits and vegetables, then incorporate and try other foods.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. I love breakfast with a passion. Even if I am running late in the morning, I will skip *practically* anything to make sure I eat. It is important to have something in your body to start your immune system for the day. Think about it: if you have dinner at 7 pm, sleep for 8 hours, then wake up at 7 am, your body is running off of fuel from 12 hours ago.

What you eat in the morning is important, so don't eat cereal for breakfast. Cereal is composed of sugar and carbs--which means no lasting energy. Eat some protein and healthy fats in the morning instead! Protein will help you stay fuller longer and the healthy fats help fuel your brain (because your brain is made of fat!).

Find an Activity You Actually Enjoy

We all know that losing weight comes from both the kitchen and exercise. Here's the thing about exercise though: half the time it is really boring, right? The trick to making exercise fun is to find an activity that you actually enjoy. Especially when you are just starting to workout, you have to find something that motivates you to go back. When I start working out more and more, more exercises will become fun. But you have to start somewhere.

Add a Bed of Spinach to Meals You Already Eat

I have found spinach to be a very easy vegetable to incorporate into meals. Adding a bed of spinach to meals you already eat, means you can enjoy the food you love while getting a vegetable in your system! Seriously, this trick makes you feel less guilty about eating your favorite foods. One of my favorite things to add a bed of spinach is fried rice. I have put spinach under pasta, but the fried rice is my best way to go.

Eat Out with Friends

Because I am a foodie (aka I love to try new foods and eat out!), the temptation to eat out is usually present. There are so many different restaurants that I would love to try; however, we all know that eating out is not healthy for us (or our bank account). The trick? Only go out to eat with friends. It will save you money and limit the frequency you go out to eat.

When you go out to eat with others, the focus of your time is not the food, but rather the company. Is it worth it to eat unhealthy "cheat meals" alone or is more worthy to make an event out of it with people?

Relax Before Bed (aka Tea Time!)

Adding healthy hacks to your life does not have to be limited to weight loss. An important part of life is reflection. Be sure you take that time for yourself every day. Whether that means you journal, do nothing, drink tea, stretch, color, or talk to yourself, do something.

I will do a mixture of all of the examples above. The consistency is that I will turn off all overhead lights and only have minimal mood lighting (aka my tableside light). The low yellow-lighting really helps me transition into bedtime. The best thing to do before bed is to not use your phone. If we're being realistic here, I don't do that. But I will try to not fall asleep using my phone. You know the situation: you watch Youtube videos until you fall asleep, which is hours later than you told yourself. Instead, I will fall asleep listening to a podcast. Seriously recommend this to anyone who has trouble turning off their brain and falling asleep.

I hope these tips are able to inspire you as well as motivate you to make healthier decisions this year. You can never cut bad habits cold turkey, but you can implement new things into your daily routine. Everything starts small. Everyone starts somewhere. I know it is a goal for me to elevate my health, and it's a goal that a lot of people around the world have. Remember, the definition of "healthy" is different for each person so allow yourself to accept that fact. What counts is that you live a life that is healthy for you and that you are happy with yourself, challenging your limits every day.

I would love to hear your voice now:

What are your "healthy hacks"? What did you learn? What is your health journey?

Continue to Challenge Yourself,