6 Tips To Packing Light


Going on a trip does not relate to needing a large suitcase. Packing light will not only save you money in baggage fees but also make carrying your luggage so much lighter. I have a blessed opportunity to fly out to Chicago, Illinois, with only a carry-on. I have a few of my own tricks for making it through a week trip with only a carry-on.  

1. Ban "What If?" Items From Your Checklist 

Always start packing by creating a simple checklist of supplies. When done, go through the list and if you're packing it because "What if *insert some crazy idea* happens?" then eliminate it from the list.

2. Don't Pack Soap

If you are staying at a hotel, shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap are given to you for free. If you are more particular about skin care, choose to bring a travel size of your favorite face wash. You can buy a small container at the dollar store, and fill it with the soap at home.

3. Store It Inside Your Shoes

Socks do not take up much room, but when you are packing light, every inch counts. Bunch up your socks and store them inside the shoes you are packing for the trip.

4. Create Simple Outfits By Few Items 

A mixture of clothing pieces throughout your trip can make a go-to outfit for anywhere. One piece of clothing can be used more than once--especially when the color pallets are compatible. Choose clothes that are compatible with each other and tend to wrinkle less. Plus, who needs five different pajama outfits?

5. Roll It Up 

By rolling up your clothing, it saves space inside the bag. I prefer a mixture of folding and rolling clothes to really maximize space. Most hotels have an iron you can borrow if clothing wrinkle.

6. Wear It

A bulky pair of shoes, a jacket, or a large sweater takes up a lot of space in a carry on bag.Wear your bulkiest pieces of clothing for the travel itself. You will find yourself with much more packing room.

Travel light and you'll never go back,