6 Mother's Day Gifts that Your Mom Actually Wants

Mother's Day is coming up hot and quick. Have you figured out what you want to get your mom for Mother's Day yet? Well, you came to the right place for that inspiration! I will help you find the best way to show appreciation for your mom. I know I love--and sometimes take advantage of--my mom. 

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The key to Mother's Day is to make your mom feel appreciated. Obviously, we should strive for that every day, but this day is extra special. To make your mom feel appreciated, you need to think about Mother's Day ahead of time. Mothers have an instinct to know if you stopped by Target for a card and flowers earlier that day because you forgot. Don't let this year be one of those instances.

The Key to Mother's Day?

Be thoughtful beforehand and make Mom feel appreciated.

I am so grateful for my mom. She has always been a post to lean on, no matter the situation. My mom gives me unconditional love and is my #1 supporter of everything and anything that I do. I love my mom so much am so grateful. I hope that this post can help you share gratitude with your mom. I want to be able to help you show the type of love I share with my mom by helping you with Mother's Day.

Let your mom know that you thought about her beforehand. Show her love. Here are some ideas for you to make your mom feel appreciated:

1. Candles/Soap/Perfume

First, I'm going to start with the fact that everyone loves good smelling things. Buy something that smells good in the form of either a candle, soap, or perfume. Good smelling things are a form of stress relief for many people, maybe your mom is one of them? (Helpful hint: be sure to get a gift receipt in case it was only you who liked the smell.)

2. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Making chocolate dipped strawberries are so easy to do that anyone with a 5-year-old intelligence can do it. The process of hand making this desert shows the effort that you put into the gift. You had to put your precious time into making a gift before Mother's Day. Also, who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries?

For those who need a chocolate dipped strawberry recipe, I have provided you with the recipe I use all the time.

My Easy Chocolate Dipped Strawberries: 


2 (or more) Packages of Strawberries 1 Pack of Bakers Chocolate (This can be easily bought at any grocer) Parchment Paper Medium Saucepan, Small Bowl, and Knife


1) Wash strawberries and dry them as best you can. Chocolate will stick to dry strawberries better. 2) In a medium saucepan, fill with water and bring to simmer. You will then place the bowl on top of the saucepan that's simmering. 3) Break off a few chunks of the bakers chocolate and place in the bowl. Stir with the knife until the consistency is smooth. 4) Dip the strawberry into the chocolate until coated. Place on parchment paper. Repeat this step until all strawberries are covered with chocolate. Add more chocolate as needed. 5) Refrigerate chocolate dipped strawberries until hardened. Usually about 45 minutes.

3. A Collage of Your Favorite Memories

Another way to show genuineness is by creating a collage of your favorite memories. Really, anything that is homemade will show genuineness. This is a really easy thing to create. Organize all of your favorite photos of memories that you've had with your mom and place them into a clear backed frame. You can add more than just photos! Add favorite quotes, mementos, or anything else with a sentimental meaning.

4. Teeth Whitening Product

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5. Massage

Similar to my recommendation for Smile Brilliant's teeth whitening products, moms sometimes forget to take care of themselves. My mom is a hard working woman under enough stress, I want to force her to relax. I think a lot of us can relate to our mothers being so hardworking that sometimes they forget about themselves. Buy your mom a massage and make her relax!

(Hint: Ask for "Mother's Day Deals", you never know if they'll have a discount!)

6. Family Time

The simplest, purest gift is a gift of your time. When was the last time you had some focused family time together? Be sure to spend time with each other. You and your mom will be grateful for it. Eat a special meal, play a board game, do mom's favorite activity. Just do something together!

I hope that this post was able to inspire you to get something for your mom that shows how much you are grateful or her. I hope that you were able to take advantage of the giveaway that is running so that you can save a few dollars on a gift. Plus, what's the harm in trying?

What other ideas do you have for Mother's Day?

Show Your Mom Extra Love,

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