2 Years Blogging: A Progression


The start of 2018 also started the 3rd year of me blogging. Can you believe that? I cannot simply fathom into words how that feels. I have found my passion: blogging. You get to connect with amazing people, write about what you love, and do photography.  In memory of all of these years, my current blogging website is not what it used to be.

When I was a real young kid I started my love for websites and web design by creating websites for myself. I turned this passion into creating a blog in July 2015. At the time I was using Wix.com's free website maker for blogging. I named my first blog, Blogem. Mainly because I couldn't think of any other name for a blog in 2015. Here is a look at my first ever blogging site.

Here was the homepage:


Here's an example of what a post looked like (+ my old writing style!):


I found a love and passion for what I was doing--blogging. I started taking my blogging seriously. I knew I wanted a "real website". I wanted a domain I could call my own. I researched the best hosting plans, domain purchase options, and different types of software for blogging. I researched for months on end. I figured out the details, now the only problem was executing it, aka saving money to buy everything I needed.

Christmas day was the day where all the pieces fell into place. I bought my hosting and domain (I decided to use Bluehost) paired with Wordpress.Org and I started designed my next newest site!

So you're currently reading this blog post on www.briannakirk.com, but that wasn't always the name of the website. From December 26, 2015-April 23, 2017 the website was www.personallymeblog.com. The year of 2017 was a year of rebranding and spicing things up.

Here was what this site used to be for the longest time:


An example of a post from www.personallymeblog.com: (you can read the post here)


April of 2017 my website through a makeover into what you see it as now, with pieces of my old websites making an integration into to how I do things now. In 2015, I published every other Sunday. And to this day, if you've noticed a pattern with my published dates, I've continued the pattern. The only difference is that I now post every Sunday.

Back in 2015, I did some email newsletters, but it has completely changed since. The progression is crazy! Here is what my old emails used to look like compared to my current email newsletters!


And here are the new, fresh emails you will be receiving from me monthly when you sign up for my email newsletter


The newsletter continues on to provide you with the all of the blog posts for the month in one convenient place.


You can view December 2017's whole email and then subscribe to it if you're interested in getting more emails like that one.

An Interruption: Regarding when I post, it can be hard to stay on top it. I've made this struggle a little easier by sending out a monthly newsletter with everything you could've missed from the month in a fun, fresh way. If you're not apart of it, don't fret! You can sign up for my email newsletter here!

okay, carry on...

My new look can be attributed to a WordPress Theme from Pipdig. With some creativity through the help the theme, we got the look we have now.


This has been my blogging progression throughout the years. I plan to continue blogging as long as I can type on a computer. I encourage others to find their creative outlet, and maybe that is blogging for you (as it was for me). As long as you continue to have a passion for something, keep doing it. For my other blogging friends, it doesn't matter how long you've been blogging or how many subscribers you have. Keep the productivity grind alive and keep doing what inspires you.

I know this post was more 'out of the ordinary' than some of my other blog posts. If you'd like more blogging posts--like this one--let me know!

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Stay Inspired,