2 Annoying Things with iMessage Texters

iMessage is the way to text. Do you want to know why? Well, I'll tell you.If you have an iPhone, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.

iMessage example
iMessage example

There are settings you can turn on and off which are called Read Receipts and Responding Bubbles. Makes life a whole lot easier, but there are some downfalls to them.

In case you didn't know:

Read Receipts will tell the person when you read the text.

Responding Bubbles will tell the person when you're texting back.

(Now, I'm a big believer in  turning both settings on; it gives the other person a clear idea of what is truly going on.)

When I’m texting somebody, these are the top 2 most annoying things that happen:

  1. When the person your texting doesn't have the read receipts on and doesn't respond. Then I'm stuck thinking with my phone in hand thinking: "Should I change the subject?"; "Are they going to text back?"; "Is this person ignoring me?". But then *usually* the person will text back saying they were busy and they apologize. The worrying for nothing--thankfully.

2. The other annoying thing is when the person your texting does have their read receipts on and it becomes quite obvious that you're being ignored. The text says “read as” and has no reply. Then you text them again to find it read  with no reply AGAIN. This can even go on for days (or hours depending).  Now I know this happens to all of us, it has became a common relatable thing, but it's still so annoying!

On the plus side to problem two, is I know they got my text; however, on the other hand, I know I'm being ignored. This method of ignoring is the best (most annoying) way to ignore someone out there. It gives the person a clear demonstration on how you feel. if you're ignoring someone, the person will figure it out pretty quickly and get upset. On a more positive note, the person gets the gist of it--you don't want to talk to them. This can be a good thing in the sense of having no mixed messages (or feelings). Obviously, ignoring the person online also means you will have to deal with them in actual life. Be careful with your choices, all people can have delicate feelings. It is best to demonstrate happiness and positivity towards everyone. 

And if you're not ignoring someone, then the person will know you got the text and will wait for you to respond. This is where the responding bubbles come in handy.

Now remember, these settings turned off or on doesn't affect who you are. A person may get annoyed with your phone preferences at the time, but deep down it doesn't matter because you're still a friend of theirs.

Were you able to relate to this?

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