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 Brianna Kirk, blogger, photographer, and fashion-lover


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As a blog launched in 2016 to share all that inhabits my life, I continue to share fashion for young women on a budget, traveling (and being a tourist in your own hometown), beauty, technological hacks, food, and everything in-between. 

Not only so I share beauty in life through my blog, but I share other people's beauty through photographs. Evolving a love for photography in 2017, I continue to share photos today. 

If you love reading these topics, seeing photographs, and spreading positivity then this blog is for you. 






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Brianna Kirk



I am a Minneapolis-based photographer who fostered a love for taking pictures through blogging. Being a blogger, I took many photos primarily of myself  but when I was shooting I found so much beauty in the pictures I took of other people. The more I picked up the camera, the more I wanted to take pictures of other people.  

I believe that so many stories can be conveyed through a picture. I have made it a journey of mine to share those stories and emotions through a camera. 

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