Keyboards are just so Different!

Collage of different keyboardsSomething I’ve noticed over the past month or so, is that you become quite familiar typing on a specific surface/layout; making it difficult to type on any other computer. Then, when you do, you feel so awkward typing–because the keys are all in different places! There are many spelling errors and other things that just go wrong–especially when you type fast! I usually get frustrated with my typing at that point; all my words just are random letters. It brings out my inner perfectionist.

Differences keyboard-to-keyboard drive me a little crazy. Thoughts that go through my head when I have to type on a new computer are thoughts such as, “Why can’t my fingers press the right keys?”, “Ugh, I’m typing so slow, why can’t my fingers move faster on this foreign keyboard?!”, “Am I going to forget how to type on my regular keyboard surface at home?” Then a little freak out happens shortly after.

You know what I mean?

Well, if you do, you probably spend a lot of time using computers, going online, and typing things up–like me.

In a sense, I’d like a universal keyboard, making it easy to type on all computers. However, this is unrealistic because it’s beneficial for society to have a customizable keyboard. The customizable keyboard would then fit everybody’s typing habits; fitting it to their lifestyle.

Differences from keyboard-to-keyboard is what creates the awkward typing. Let’s go through all the differences keyboard-to-keyboard: Ctrl key, Shift key, delete, backspace, print buttons, and many other things. Practically everything but the alphabet and number keys change keyboard-to-keyboard. Still, numbers can change keyboard-to-keyboard because there may or may not be a number pad.

This has been an observation I made recently. I hope you’re able to relate in this struggle of different keyboards.

How do you feel about all of this? 

Do you ever struggle with the same thing?

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