About the Author

Hey! Welcome to my blog!

I am Brianna Kirk and I am a Minnesota based lifestyle blogger.

Enjoy reading all of the crazy, inspiring, and humorous blogs, because we are now in “this” together.

“This”: continually growing out of our comfort zone and learning to love even the low moments in life.

I strongly believe in getting outside of your comfort zone. Part of that seeps into my writing philosophy, that writing is more than a finished piece for reading, but it is the writer’s journey in life. I continually try to do new things where I have the privilege to share it all with you.

If you came to “About The Author” and actually wanted to get to know me a little more, I’ll tell you some facts. To truly get to know me, read some blogs.

 I’ve always loved the opportunity to be creative–whether it was from website creation, graphic design, writing, jewelry making, painting, or even playing ice hockey. I am somewhat obsessed with dark chocolate and daisies. I love being apart of an endless creative realm. Blogging is beautiful for the connection I am able to have with you. 

So, thank you.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Have a fantastic rest of your day!

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